Ajax in Rails 3.1 - A Roadmap →

December 05, 2011 by Andrea Singh

Representing Tabular Data in Ruby - A Mini E-Book →

September 29, 2011 by Andrea Singh

Together with Felipe Doria, another alumnus of the Mendicant University, I published the first installment of the MU Learning Series

Ruby's Eigenclasses Demystified →

June 24, 2011 by Andrea Singh

In which we shed some light on eigenclasses as we take a whirlwind tour through Ruby's object model with special emphasis on the method lookup path.

Dynamically Nesting Deeply Nested Forms →

December 31, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Demo to set up dynamic deeply nested forms (four levels deep).

Rails Named Bind Variables →

November 08, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Simplify and clarify your Active Record queries using named bind variables.

Cooking Up A Custom Rails 3 Template →

October 11, 2010 by Andrea Singh

An introduction to creating and customizing a Rails 3 template. Overview of the methods available to rails 3 templates, some thoughts about template design and automating RVM setup tasks.

Dynamic Nested Forms in Rails 3 →

October 07, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Dynamic Nested Forms. Adding and removing nested child fields in any Rails 3 app with jQuery.

Introduction to the Pathname Ruby Standard Library →

September 23, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Tutorial on the Pathname Ruby Standard Library, its characteristics and common use cases.

Image Batch Resize Using ImageMagick →

July 22, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Quick and simple shell script to resize an entire folder of images using ImageMagick.

A Ruby Helper To Cleanly Truncate HTML Text →

June 04, 2010 by Andrea Singh

Two means of truncating HTML text without mangling the markup. One solution works by stripping out the HTML tags altogether and the other uses Nokogiri to maintain proper HTML syntax during truncation.

Setting Up USPS Shipping In Spree →

May 26, 2010 by Andrea Singh

How to leverage Spreeā€™s active_shipping extension to calculate exact USPS shipping cost based on weight and destination.

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